What we do

We're a Social Enterprise supporting wildlife conservation in the UK.

We run high-quality, working holidays UK-wide that support conservation and wildlife research. We aim to interest and engage a new group of people in hands-on wildlife conservation.

Research and conservation

The work we do falls into two areas: wildlife research and practical conservation. All our working holidays UK include both of these. A week on one of our breaks generally contains one or two days of training followed by lots of doing. We spend as much time outdoors as we can.

Training and learning

On a Wild Days' holiday we aim to give you a good understanding of the landscape and the wildlife living there. We'll also examine its history and conservation issues.

We'll train you in the specific activities you'll be carrying out, such as live-trapping (and releasing!) small mammals, putting up camera traps, identifying and removing invasive plant species, or creating new habitats for wildlife.

As much as possible of this training and learning is done outdoors with indoor elements where necessary.

Two-Day Tasters

Not sure if it's for you? We also run occasional Two-Day Tasters. These shorter versions of our holidays are a great way to try us out.

Making a positive contribution

During an average day on one of our holidays we might be setting camera traps, using knowledge gained to identify and remove invasive plants from a site, or repairing a traditional drystone wall. Following a picnic lunch, we could be walking a transect looking for signs of animals and checking small mammal traps to measure and record any animals found before releasing them back into the wild.

Landscape and wildlife

We'll also spend time meeting and talking to the people who live and work in the areas our projects take place to find out more about what the landscape and wildlife means to them. In this way we can experience how conservation sits within its context and get to know more about the hidden places and interesting people who inhabit them.