Is a Wild Days holiday for me?

Enjoyed a walking holiday but wondered where it was going? Interested in wildlife but never quite see it? If you're looking for a sociable and stimulating break with likeminded people, or if you've ever thought a working holiday would be great, but shame about the hair-shirts and communal living, then a Wild Days holiday is definitely for you.

DSC_0139'In fact being spoilt with good food and comfort are key ingredients of Wild Days Conservation programmes', said Peter Lynch, Author of ‘Wildlife & Conservation Volunteering – The Complete Guide’, published by Bradt.

Creature Comforts

‘We’re not about sleeping bags and bunk houses or cooking your own food and doing the washing up’ adds Wild Days' founder Kathy Gill. ‘Our ‘citizen science’ activities might be hard work and we will have to rise early some days but we’re also about enjoying the beautiful countryside, comfortable accommodation and eating the best local food available.’

What to expect:

 - Unique insight into UK wildlife
 - An active holiday - with a purpose
 - Expert input - talks, walks and technique
 - Great food, locally sourced - all included
 - Interesting companions and lively discussion
 - Comfortable (usually single) rooms

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Still wondering if a Wild Days holiday is for you? Find out why others have been attracted...

Renowned journalist reviews a weekend with us in Dorset……………

By Peter Lynch
Author of ‘Wildlife & Conservation Volunteering – The Complete Guide’, published by Bradt.


There’s no reason why a holiday shouldn’t be about self-indulgence but they can also be meaningful. Volunteering holidays are also on the increase – doing something consequential and worthwhile instead of just ‘me’ centred? Maybe helping endangered wild animals or doing something that helps reduce our destructive impact on the planet?

For years I have been hooked on ‘hands-on’ volunteer wildlife holidays, which are so much more interesting than being carted around on a safari tour bus, all too often looking at morose, semi-wild animals in a game park.

These types of holiday in exotic destinations, where you’re personally and practically involved, are exciting, enjoyable and inspirational, but they can be pretty expensive and may not suit everyone.

When returning from an overseas trip, full of eco-enthusiasm, I’ve always been disappointed to find so little support for similar activities in the UK – even though we’ve wiped out proportionately more of our native species than most of the underdeveloped countries we’re trying to help!

So I am excited to find that at last someone has realised that there’s as much need for wildlife and landscape conservation volunteering in the UK as there is in far flung countries. Continue reading