Research Partners

At Wild Days Conservation we believe that wildlife research is sometimes too important to be left to the experts! Field survey and data collection are vital activities. There's a huge amount of useful work that can be carried out by anyone with good training and support. This information is invaluable to the experts, scientists and campaigners working for wildlife conservation.


All Wild Days' conservation and research holidays are run in partnership with the people and organisations closest to the wildlife and landscapes we're working for. We develop research activities through close cooperation with these partners. This ensures that the conservation work we do is of the highest possible value and benefit and maintains the scientific validity of our research work.

Research Partners (those with whom we carry out significant scientific research and data collection) are generally NGOs (charities) specialising in particular areas of research.

In most cases these partnerships are guided by a Memorandum of Understanding agreed between both parties and regularly reviewed to ensure its continued effectiveness.

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