Wild Days conservation and research holidays – are they for you?

Our holidays are for inquisitive people who want hands-on experience of wildlife conservation and research. You could be monitoring voles, shrews and other small mammals, making new habitat for butterflies, creating the perfect conditions for orchids, or investigating wildlife at night.

Fun and inspiration

We want to get more people actively involved in wildlife conservation. That means making it fun and inspiring for everyone, from the first welcome to the final farewell. 

All kinds of people enjoy our fun and friendly holidays. Many of our guests come on their own, while others bring partners or friends. Everyone is welcome. Groups bond quickly during the day’s activities and new friendships are swiftly formed. We usually offer single rooms for solos and don’t generally charge single supplements.

What to expect:

  • Unique insight into UK wildlife
  • An active holiday with a purpose
  • Expert knowledge
  • Good, local food - all included in the price
  • Great camaraderie and lively discussion
  • Comfortable (usually single) rooms



Photo: Verity Lee :: www.wilddaysconservation.org

Holidays for solos, or with friends

Working with others is a great way to get to know people. By working, learning and laughing together, you soon bypass the small talk and start real conversations. Many true friendships are formed on our trips and much fun is had.

Everyone shares the same curiosity about nature and wants to do more to help wildlife conservation. You’ll enjoy an active day outdoors and then relax in the evening with good food and great conversation.

Amazing camaraderie

Many people come with us as solo travellers (about 75%) but we also have couples and a few family groups. Whether you travel on you own, with a partner or family, you’ll enjoy Wild Days’ amazing camaraderie.

Active and outdoors

Being active outdoors is an important part of a Wild Days’ holiday. You’ll enjoy the buzz of being in the countryside and doing something positive. You probably already like walking in your spare time, whether that’s an easy stroll on the beach, or a 20-mile yomp across the hills.

Positive contribution

Wild Days holidays are like walking holidays in many ways, but they offer something more – the chance to make a positive contribution.

It’s a pleasure to be outdoors and spend time with nature. You’ll see and appreciate the landscape with new insight. All our holidays offer activities to suit a wide range of physical abilities. You can choose the pace that suits you, whether it’s fast or gentle. The important thing is that everyone is comfortable and happy in their work.

Trail building :: Wild Days Conservation :: www.wilddaysconservation.org


Inquisitive minds

We believe in learning by doing. Hands-on conservation work is a fantastic way to learn about nature. Wild Days holidays offer huge opportunities for anyone who’s curious about wildlife.

Discover hidden worlds

Ever wondered how to build a dry-stone wall? Or what it takes to preserve a crystal-clear chalk stream? Maybe you’d like to know about the hidden, night-time world of small mammals? Join us and find out more!



Creature Comforts

It’s wonderful to be outdoors and in touch with your wilder side. But at Wild Days we also appreciate the finer things in life. Good work needs great food. After a day out in the countryside, you’ll need a comfortable place to stay.

Peace and quiet to relax

We carefully choose interesting, comfortable and cozy accommodation. On most of our holidays you can have a room to yourself, something that few companies offer without a single supplement. You can relax in peace before dinner and take your time preparing to go out. There are no worries about sleeping/not sleeping/wanting to read/going to the loo when you're sharing a room with someone you don't know very well.



Discussing conservation over dinner

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