Conservation Partnerships: Durlston Country Park

Durlston Country Park logo :: Wild Days Conservation :: www.wilddaysconservation.orgDurlston Country Park is a National Nature Reserve, managed for wildlife and landscape value by Dorset County Council through a dedicated team of rangers. The park covers an area of 275 acres, consisting of sea-cliffs, coastal limestone downland, hay meadows, hedgerows and woodland.

Photo: Durlston Country ParkThe bare statistics merely hint at the amazing diversity of wildlife at Durlston. There are 33 species of breeding butterfly, over 250 species of bird recorded, 500 wildflower species, 500 moths and thousands of other invertebrates. 

Durlston's special qualities stem from a combination of geography, geology, history and careful management which has created a mosaic of nationally important wildlife habitats. These are sea-cliffs, downs, ancient meadows, hedgerows, woodland, and drystone walls each with their characteristic plants and animals.

Wild Days Conservation have run conservation holidays with Durlston Country Park since the beginning. Our wildlife conservation work has focused on management and maintenance of grassland habitats, and restoration of drystone walls.