Being Green

Wild Days Conservation is an Environmental Social Enterprise. This means that we’re committed to ensuring our actions and activities are a benefit to the natural environment, and we aim to lead by example to promote good practice amongst those around us.

Happily, being green fits well with our celebration of the local and the natural, and demonstrate that the choices we all make can be both personally fulfilling, and of benefit to our natural environment.

As well as the direct benefits of our practical conservation and wildlife research work, we try to consider the environmental and social impacts of other areas of Wild Days Conservation holidays.



Good food is a trade-mark of Wild Days holidays. We will always provide locally sourced food where practical, with an emphasis on sustainability, using high-quality tasty in-season products which have been grown/reared with the least negative environmental impact possible.

Whether it's freshly prepared picnics at lunchtime, delicious and wholesome evening meals around the dining table in our accommodation, or eating out at nearby pubs and restaurants, we aim to cater for any diet.

Natural Resource Use


Fuel, water, waste: all issues that touch every aspect of our lives – and on which simple choices and actions can have a big impact. In addition to food and transport, our largest consideration is the accommodation we use for our holidays, with which we aim to demonstrate that being green need not be at the expense of comfort: where modern technology such as renewable energy sources, or old-fashioned methods such as creative insulation or natural waste management, reduce negative effects on the environment.


Travel and Transport


What could be better than traveling to your holiday by train? Or stepping out in the morning a short walk away from the day’s activities?

We always offer a starting point for our holidays at a good public transport hub nearby and encourage everyone to arrive without cars if they choose. During our holidays we aim to use motor vehicles as little as possible, avoiding tedious travel and delighting in exploring the best and most interesting nearby.


Wild Days picnic

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